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Tuesdays Tip

Video galleries are here! Now you will be able to add multiple videos on one page in a grid format. With the change in size of the video preview, your viewers will be able to easily choose which video they want to see. Adding a Video Gallery block to your page is simple – here’s how you can start creating yours:

  1. Select Content from the Dashboard navigation bar.
  2. From the Content tool, select the Page you’d like your Video Gallery on, from your list of pages.


Note: In this scenario, we will be working in a Generic page type.

3. From your page, select the green (+) button between content blocks, you will see all of your available block options.

4. Select the Video Gallery option:


5. The block will immediately show up on the page. Select the green Add Video button to input your first YouTube or Vimeo video:


6. Now, go to YouTube or Vimeo‘s website in a new tab or window. Navigate to the video of your choice, then simply copy the video’s URL to your clipboard.

  • Vimeo: Select Share on the video player, then copy the URL (Right-click and Copy or CMD+C for Mac | CTRL+C for PC)


  • YouTube: Select Share under the video player, then “Copy the URL” (Right-click and Copy or CMD+C for Mac | CTRL+C for PC)


7. Head back to the liveBooks Dashboard on the Page you have been working on in Content.

8. Now paste the video’s URL into the item you added earlier.
(Right-click and Paste or CMD+V for Mac | CTRL+V for PC)
Note: You may also paste the video embed code into the item, but we find pasting the URL easier.


9. Repeat steps 5-8 for as many videos you’d like to have in your Video Gallery.

You will notice that after you paste the URL, the platform grabs the video’s Title and Description from the Video source (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)

10. When done, select the green Publish button to make it live to your website.

October 21st, 2016

Major Browsers to Block Flash Soon!

Posted by liveBooks


The liveBooks team has been working vigorously this year to migrate many of its clients from the Flash-based Legacy platform to the HTML5-based liveBooks8 platform. The HTML5 platform offers responsive templates that you are readily able to edit on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices! With it a ton of new features are also available – including advanced SEO tools and options for customizations, such as varied portfolio and gallery layouts, a library of hundreds of font choices, drag and drop design, in-line editing tools and much more!

In addition to the added features that the HTML5 platform offers, there is one big reason why you should migrate from your Flash website as soon as possible. All major browsers have already set into motion the blocking of flash sites!

In June, Apple announced that the version of Safari that comes on macOS Sierra will block Flash by default across all websites. This means that if your website runs on Flash, your visitors will be greeted by the following message:


Apple has taken a very big stand against Flash since 2007. This is due in part to Flash websites having slow loading times, being a drain on laptop batteries, and continually having security issues. The measures that Apple has taken will continue to detract visitors from visiting your Flash website.
(Sources: PetaPixel, The Verge)

Google announced in May that Chrome would start to block Flash websites with the launch of Chrome 53 in September. More importantly – in December 2016, Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default experience. Those websites that only run on Flash will need to be enabled by the user to display properly.
(Source: Chrome Blog)

Mozilla Firefox will retire Adobe Flash as soon as 2017. With the release of Firefox 53, Flash plug-ins will require the user to actively click-to-play. Though Mozilla hasn’t directly stated that Flash will be completely retired after the click-to-play change, the move is apparent.
(Source: ARS Technica)


Though Adobe Flash helped make the Web a rich and dynamic experience, a new generation of technology has pushed for a big change in website platforms. The liveBooks8 platform is the optimal choice for our Flash users to transition to.

To learn more about liveBooks8 and its main features, please visit this link.

To see our migration options and schedule your migration, please visit this link.


We are so excited to announce the release of eight brand new templates. At liveBooks, our goal is to give you the best possible jumping point for a custom website and after months of gaining your feedback, brainstorming, and designing, we are excited to announce that we have released redesigned templates for our liveBooks 8 platform. With new, customizable features, we hope that our platform gives you an outstanding place to share your portfolio and services with the world. Check out a brief description of the key features on each template below to decide which one will work best for your site. Keep in mind that each template is just a jumping point and customizing your site is easy using the liveBooks 8 designer. To choose your template and start your free trial, click here!

Not on liveBooks 8 yet and ready to make the switch with one of our new templates? Now is the perfect time to make the switch from Flash to HTML5. Click here to learn more about the migration process and then schedule your website migration today!



Share stunning, embedded video modules on your homepage with our Aperture template. This video website template allows you to easily share your best motion work with minimal content on the page. With a sleek design and bottom navigation, this full-bleed video site is sure to highlight your best live-action work. Easily link social media icons to your bottom navigation to allow clients to access anywhere else you may share your work. Additionally, this template comes with a variety of portfolio designs, allowing you to pick your favorite option. If you are a videographer, you are definitely going to want to check out Aperture!

Quick Facts:

  • Full bleed homepage with video auto-play
  • Dedicated video playback pages
  • Portfolio page options, great for highlighting work or showcasing service options
  • Contact page with a map to your studio or office



Our Panorama template has a sleek and modern design that is perfect for design-oriented creatives. The bold homepage slideshow allows clients to focus on your work from the start, while the minimalist bottom navigation guides them to your portfolio and contact information in an unobtrusive way. Social media is easily integrated into your navigation menu in the Panorama template. Additionally, the clean contact page focuses on what is most important: driving you more business.

Quick Facts:

  • Bottom navigation
  • Integrated slideshow on homepage
  • Thumbnail portfolio navigation option
  • Simple and clean contact page



The stylish and playful design of our Blowout template is perfect for those hoping to showcase both images and services on their website’s homepage. The updated stacked layout allows you to showcase the most important details for your clients. Additionally, each service block links out to its own individual page, allowing clients to explore and learn more about you and your services. Top navigation allows clients to easily roam around your site, while keeping a stylish and cohesive design. This template is perfect for business owners who want to engage clients with a mixture of images and text content!

Quick Facts:

  • Full bleed scaled slideshow on homepage
  • Built-in service pages
  • Thoughtfully laid out text blocks
  • Contact page with a map to your studio or store



Our shutter design is sure to give your site a refreshing, new look. This website template allows you to showcase portfolios directly on the homepage. Link to your individual portfolio pages, using bold and eye-catching leading images. Additionally, the prominent logo and top navigation brings attention to your personal brand. Calling all creatives! Shutter is the template for you.

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation and prominent logo branding
  • Navigate to portfolios from a homepage grid
  • Multiple portfolio layout options, including text blocks to describe your work
  • Content and about pages with full bleed image



The bold design of our Speedlight template will really highlight your best images. The homepage design allows for a mixture of both images and content, with a full-bleed slideshow to catch a potential client’s eye. Portfolios are accessed through an entry page with thumbnails. Our Speedlight template is perfect for creatives hoping to display large photos that have a story to tell.

Quick Facts: 

  • Top navigation and prominent branding
  • Homepage with full-bleed slideshow and prominent branding
  • Thumbnail portfolio entry page
  • Large text blocks throughout, which is great for SEO!



Our filter template highlights the best elements of our 10+ years of custom design work. With a unique and memorable layout that showcases images on the homepage, portfolios are able to be linked and embedded to capture your clients’ attention. This website template’s unique team page will allow you to introduce your team and personality to clients in one easy view. Filter is a great choice for larger businesses and those who wish to covey a high-end and aspirational brand image.

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Mosaic homepage design
  • Thumbnail portfolio entry page
  • Built-in team page



This photo-centric website template is sure to leave an impression on your audience. Our Range template has a clean site design with minimal text content, allowing you to showcase your best images with no distractions. This simple website is great for photographers who are looking for a website with a consistent appearance across all devices. Easily get your new site up and running in no time with Range–it has been a top starting point amongst many of our clients!

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Full bleed homepage slideshow
  • Portfolio drop-down menu
  • Mosaic portfolio pages



Our Pixel template has a classic design that allows for a great visual impact on your clients. The top anchored menu places your logo on the right and allows for quick navigation with minimal distractions. With a full-bleed homepage slideshow and a clean contact page, the Pixel template is sure to draw attention to the most important aspects of your portfolio.

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Full bleed homepage slideshow
  • Portfolio drop-down menu
  • Clean contact page



Our Frame template is inspired by galleries and is built to make your best work stand out. A homepage slideshow allows clients to immediately gravitate towards your work. The left rail navigation and subtle frame around your content create a clean and geometric feel for your website. The pre-built portfolio entry page allows for easy and structured navigation.

Quick Facts:

  • Left rail navigation menu
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Thumbnail portfolio entry page
  • Content frame for a gallery inspired look



You are sure to make an immediate impression with this modern yet minimalistic website template. Our Focus template features a full width grid gallery on the homepage that is complimented by several portfolio design options, easily accessed via drop-down navigation. Additionally, a built in about page allows you to tell your personal story in a visually engaging way.

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Grid portfolio homepage
  • Multiple portfolio options
  • Full bleed about and contact pages


Showcase Image


Our Showcase template is built for big, bold images. As one of our most popular templates, a full-bleed homepage slideshow is sure to immediately grab the attention of your clients, while the portfolio landing page allows you to easily introduce the unique details of your work. Showcase is a great starting point for any creative’s website!

Quick Facts:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Full bleed homepage slideshow
  • Thumbnail portfolio entry page
  • Contact page with a map to your studio or office

White Balance

White Balance

Our White Balance template is a great jumping point for those looking for a content-light start. This clean design features a scaled slideshow on the homepage in addition to several portfolio options. This website is the perfect template if you are looking to get online fast–simply upload your own content and go!

Quick Facts:

  • Blank template for a quick start
  • Top navigation with left title alignment
  • Scaled slideshow homepage
  • About and contact pages with full width images

Wide Open

Wide Open

Our Wide Open template is another great starting point, if you are hoping to get online as soon as possible! This clean design displays your portfolio pages through a left-anchored navigation while a slideshow on your homepage works to grab the attention of your clients. Additionally, clients can easily learn more about your business with the pre-built About and Contact pages. Just like in White Balance, upload your content and publish!

Quick Facts:

  • Blank template for a quick start
  • Left rail navigation menu
  • Slideshow homepage
  • Direct access to portfolios in navigation

Now is the perfect time to make the switch from Flash to HTML5. Click here to learn more about the migration process and then schedule your website migration today!


WoW Header (2)

Dale Clark is the top Commercial Photographer specializing in Interiors and Architecture in Columbus and Central Ohio. Dale’s work has been featured in various publications including The Wall Street Journal, HouseTrends Magazine, Dream Homes, Columbus Underground, Popular Photography, and Shutterbug. Dale holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University and attended Kettering University (formerly GMI) for Graduate Studies. We are very excited to share his business story and how it came together seamlessly with the liveBooks 8 platform:

I started Arc Photography in 2008 after 20 years of managing a large-scale automotive manufacturing operation. Photography, especially Architectural photography, has always been a hobby and passion. I made the decision to leave the corporate life and dive into Architectural photography full-time in 2008. With a lot of long hours, hard work and persistence, Arc photography has turned into one of the highest volume Architectural/Residential photography companies in Ohio.

Dale Clark 1

Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

DC: The website is clean yet bold. Very basic to allow the images to stand out and speak for our business. (Clean, bold, basic)

Q: How often do you typically update your website?

DC: I generally update 4 to 5 times a year, sometimes around seasonal changes.

Dale Clark 2

Q: How do you choose the photos that you display on your homepage?

DC: I display what I consider my best work while showing my general style that clients can expect to see.

Dale Clark 5

Q: What is your favorite new feature of liveBooks8?

DC: Besides the wonderful liveBooks web page designs, the new dashboard is super intuitive.

Dale Clark 6

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone designing their website?

DC: A good website will focus on YOUR work and not add “noise” to your presentation. A good website is intuitive so that anyone can explore what you have to offer effortlessly.

Dale Clark 9


Would you like to be featured on our blog? Email us at!

Tuesdays Tip

Organizing portfolios can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re a photographer, an artist, or an art gallery with various artists, it may seem difficult to choose the amount of portfolio galleries necessary to showcase all of your amazing work. With some planning and organizing, your images and portfolio galleries will begin to take shape before you know it! Here are some steps that we have found helpful to get you started:

  • Categorize your work before uploading to galleries

This first step is sometimes overlooked when starting off your website. If you’re able to categorize your artwork or images into categories, portfolios will soon develop. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you may choose to organize your weddings based on the bride and groom’s last name. You may also choose to sort them by season, location, or year. Whatever means you choose to sort your images, ensure that you have a cohesive system in place on your site.

  • Bulk uploading your images onto portfolios

Once you are able to organize your work on your computer, bulk uploading will become easier. This allows for a multitude of images to be uploaded to your website’s gallery/portfolio at a time.

  1. Once you have added the “Portfolio” page, click to add a new block. Choose “Image Gallery”.TT1
  2. Once added, choose the “Select from computer” tab and select the images you’d like to upload to the portfolio


3. Once ALL images have been uploaded, refresh your browser. Some pictures may not be in the same order as they were on your computer. You can click and drag the images to organize them as you’d like.


  • Adding image details

Adding image details can help index your work in a more organized way. Attributing the correct information will also help search engines pick up on what your image is related to and will help explain what you’re trying to show the world. Ultimately, these simple steps will help boost your images’ SEO.

  1. Select the eye icon next to your image


2. Add all image details needed



  • Title – Name of your work
  • Description – Short explanation of the work (viewers will see as a hover/pop-up on most browsers)
  • Tags – Helps organize all of your images into a sort of filling system on your “Image Library”
  • Photo Credit – Helps attribute credit to the photographer
  • Photo Credit URL – Links viewers to the website of the photographer or rightful owner of the work (if you are the owner, you can leave blank)


  • Adding hyperlinks and deleting images

If you would like to hyperlink your image to a specific website, you can do that through the “hyperlink” icon. In order to delete an image, you can select the “trash can” icon.


You can find all of the images you have uploaded to your liveBooks website builder through the “Image Library” tab in your “Content” section. You can use the “Filter images” tool to sort through image tags (i.e.: if you tagged “Smith Wedding” in the “Tags” section of the image, you would type this into the Filter images box to see all of your images with this specific tag).




Is there a new liveBooks feature that you are excited to learn more about? Let us know at

WoW Header (2)

Goran Kosanovic is a commercial, advertising, and editorial photographer in the Washington, DC area. We are excited to share his story and a bit about how his career and liveBooks 8 site came to life with you today:

I am originally from Serbia, and while growing up, my father was in charge of taking our family pictures with an old Czechoslovakian camera. Back then, black and white photos were only available in a format size that was a little bit bigger than a business card. I always wondered: “Can they be bigger and in color?”

Once I came to the US, I chose to change my studies from mechanical engineering to photography. I went to the Brooks Institute of Photography and moved to Santa Barbara, CA. While in school, I managed to assist many great photographers from the LA area. This experience being with commercial photographers while watching them create amazing images was priceless. Back then, everything was on film, so there was no margin for error. Everything was done in camera – lighting, composition. That was the way I learned and is how I continue to create my images.

Upon graduating, goranfoto was created, and I slowly started developing my brand with a website, business cards and a logo. As I love to cook, food was a natural subject choice for me, so I focused my work mostly on hospitality and food photography.

I currently call the Washington DC area home, where I live with my family. It was the perfect place to expand my hospitality and food photography business. The city offers cuisines from around the globe, and for me, it was not very hard after leaving the West Coast, except the weather of course!

See more of Goran Kosanovic’s fantastic images on his liveBooks 8 site at

Goran Photo1

Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

GK: Easy to use. I always knew that I needed something very simple.

Q: How often do you typically update your website?

GK: I do it very often. I try to update it every week, either with new gallery images or with some blog type of news.

Goran Photo2

Q: How do you choose the photos that you display on your homepage?

GK: I try to rotate images that will attract jobs and potential clients. My greatest hope is that visitors to my site will understand my style and what I am all about.

Goran Photo3

Q: What is your favorite new feature of liveBooks 8? 

GK: Simplicity. I do not want to waste my time creating and re-creating pages and pages of my website. In today’s world, it should be simplified so the time used is minimal for me and for the viewer.

Goran Photo4

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone designing their website?

GK: At this point, I think picking the right images, while making your site easy to navigate are the major things to having a great website.

Goran Photo5

Have a website you’d like us to feature? Email us at

Tuesdays Tip

The new liveBooks8 website editor allows you the freedom to create a custom navigation bar that fits your website’s specific needs. Whether this includes a drop-down menu that organizes your portfolio galleries into a visual index for your viewers to choose from, the use of social media icons, or the use of links and buttons to direct your viewers to another webpage or websites, you’ll be able to customize every aspect of the navigation bar. See below for some helpful tips to get you on your way to creating a navigation bar that fits the design of your website:

Creating Drop-Down Menus

  1. Log in to your liveBooks8 website editor
  2. Select the Content tab
  3. Select “Add New Pages”

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.06.02 PM


4. Check the box next to “Navigation Item” and then select “Add”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.37.50 PM

5. From the drop-down, select “Text (No link).” This will allow you to create a title for the portfolio/gallery without leading your viewers to a blank page. Once you have chosen this option, change the Text Label to the name you would like your drop-down menu to have.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.42.49 PM

6. Once you have successfully finished all of the above steps, you can begin adding portfolios that will showcase your work. In order to organize the portfolios to display in the drop-down menu you have just created, you will need to indent your portfolio pages.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.17.42 PM



Social Media Icons in the Navigation Bar

The new liveBooks8 website editor allows users to easily and seamlessly integrate social media outlets to their website. What’s the difference between having your social media icons in the navigation versus in the footer? Here are some of the most contrasting differences:

  • Depending on the layout that you have chosen, social media icons may catch viewer’s eyes more in the header of your website
  • Having your social icons in the navigation bar highlights the importance of social media outlets with your work; they are equally as important as other pages on your website
  • The navigation bar allows up to 4 social media icons at a time; the footer allows for unlimited social media icons to be added
  • If you have added a variety of pages to your navigation bar, we recommend that you consider adding social media links to the footer of your site. With a number of pages in your navigation, viewers may find it to be too crowded.

Adding social media icons to navigation bar:

  1. Log in to your liveBooks8 website editor
  2. Select “Content”
  3. Select “Add New Pages”
  4. Check the box next to “Navigation Item” and then select “Add”
  5. From the drop-down, select “Social Icons”

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.43.45 PM

6. Select up to 4 social media icons that you would like to display on the navigation bar (Tip: Make sure to keep the “Open in new window” box checked. Otherwise, your viewers will leave your page immediately upon clicking the icon.)

7. Make sure to copy and paste the exact URL from your social media outlet. Also – check these icons frequently to make sure they are still linking to your social feeds correctly. Changes in usernames and domains from social media feeds may cause you to lose viewers along the way.


Creating Links and Buttons

The links and buttons feature on the navigation tool can help navigate your viewers to a specific part of your page that you want to showcase. This is especially true in the case of buttons. Links, on the other hand, are more commonly used for external links, which will lead viewers to another website.

Adding links and buttons to the navigation bar:

  1. Log in to your liveBooks8 website editor
  2. Select “Content”
  3. Select “Add New Pages”
  4. Check the box next to “Navigation Item” then select “Add” (look above for image)
  5. From the drop-down, select either “Link” or “Button”
  6. Change the “Text Label” to what you’d like your Link of Button to read to viewers (i.e.: “My Blog” if the link leads viewers to your blog)
  7. Copy and paste the URL into the “Link” section

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.28.56 AM


Is there a new liveBooks8 feature that you are excited to learn more about? Let us know at!


Tuesdays Tip

We are loving all of the features on the new liveBooks8. With endless customization options and advanced tools to expand your online reach, our new HTML5 platform will make spreading the word about your fantastic artwork and services so much easier. Display your portfolio in interactive and customizable galleries while making it easy for potential clients to connect with you online through social media icons.

The best part? Migrating from our Flash/Legacy platform to our HTML5 platform is easy! Click here to schedule your migration while learning more about our current migration options.

Here is a detailed look at some of our favorite features:


1. SEO Everything™:
Easily expand the reach of your site through our simple system. Quickly add tags, descriptions, keywords, image alt text and more to your website so that your site is easily searchable and indexed properly, resulting in increased traffic from search engines. With improved SEO, your site has the potential to reach more of your target audience, resulting in higher traffic, and hopefully, higher booking rates!

2. Easily edit and update your site through our responsive platform:
Gone are the days of contacting support each time you want to make a design update to your site. Easily add galleries and pages, change fonts and colors, and update logo and template appearances with liveBooks8. Through our new responsive platform, you will be able to preview all of the changes to ensure your design matches your vision before being published.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.24.00 PM

3. In-line editing:
On a similar note, watch all of your design changes come to life through our in-line editing feature. Once logged into the liveBooks8 editor, easily update layouts and site wide navigation. Additionally, add hyperlinks, bold or italicize words, and create lists to add to text as well. You also have the ability to swap out single images or photos within galleries.

4. Our templates are just a starting point:
Our templates act as a guide to help you get your site to where you want it to be. Happy with the template you selected? Simply add your images and details. If you want to make a change, easily customize layouts, navigation design, font selection and more through our responsive editor. With endless customization options, you are sure to be able to create a design that matches your vision.

5. Customize galleries
Display your stunning images in our interactive and customizable galleries. With options ranging from mosaics to slideshows, you are guaranteed to create a sharp and responsive gallery that will be sure to catch a potential client’s eye. Easily adjust your image arrangement through our in-line editing tool and see the changes in a responsive preview prior to publishing your final design.

6. Drag and drop design:
No need for file attachments–just drag and drop your images directly from your desktop to your browser! Easily move content selections, items, and images to create your perfect website.

7. Simple mobile integration:
Easily preview your updated website’s appearance in mobile and tablet view by selecting a device view from our top menu. Easily make adjustments to your mobile layout through our responsive editor to ensure a seamless experience for each of your clients.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.56.41 PM

8. Social Media Integration:
Easily add social media icons to your website, allowing your site to become the one-stop shop for your online presence. With over 100 social icons to choose from, liveBooks8 allows for complete customization of the social experience you provide your audience.

Finally got you hooked? Schedule your migration to liveBooks8 now. If you are brand new to liveBooks and would like to start creating your interactive HTML5 site, sign up for our 14-day trial by clicking here.

WoW Header (2)

Meet Kevin Clark of Kevin Clark Studios. Now a commercial photographer, his training was originally in graphic design. In art school, he picked up a camera for the first time during an elective class and immediately fell in love. After art school, he set up shop in Vancouver. He first began photographing performers and actors, as the film and TV industry was just starting to take off in his area. His wife, Trish, was a makeup artist, and they teamed up to establish a strong niche in the market. The industry exploded in the ’90’s with the development of many Sci-Fi based shows and big budget feature films. Their actors stayed busy, and as a result, so did their studio.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.15.32 AM

In 1999, they decided to go on an adventure and moved to Cairo, Egypt. There, the Clarks worked with advertising agencies, magazines and NGOs, while seeing parts of Egypt that not many people see. When Trish got pregnant with their first child, they moved back to Vancouver and re-established their business.

While they were in Cairo, Kevin had the opportunity to shoot some food photographs and really enjoyed it. As they continued shooting actors and head shots in Vancouver, Kevin also began establishing himself in the food photography industry. He started pursuing food photography after the crash of 2008 hit the Vancouver film industry, and currently, food photography represents more than half of his business.

See more of Kevin Clark Studios’ work on his liveBooks site at:


Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

KC: All about pictures.

Q: How often do you typically update your website?

KC: Right now, I update it at least once every week or two.


Q: How do you choose the photo that you display on your homepage?

KC: I looked for a simple image that represented our current style and made sure it would work well with the design of our site.


Q: What is your favorite new feature of liveBooks8?

KC: I like being able to dump a bunch of pictures in a gallery to get a feel for the look right away. From there, I am able to easily adjust image order accordingly.
(Note from liveBooks: learn more about our in-line editing feature here!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.13.24 PM copy

Q: What is one piece of advice you’d offer to someone designing their website?

KC: We spent a lot of time looking at other photographers’ sites to get a feel of what we wanted. So, I guess my advice would be to research your peers and competition as a starting point.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.25.01 PM copy

Have a site you’d like us to feature? Email us at

August 2nd, 2016

In-Line Editing | Tuesday’s Tip

Posted by liveBooks

Tuesdays Tip

With the new liveBooks platform, it is easy to edit text and photo content while simultaneously working on your new custom design. Once logged into your liveBooks8 editor, navigate to Design and select the page that you wish to update. Not happy with your current text? With liveBooks8 In-Line Editing, change it up right from the preview screen. Add hyperlinks, bold or italicize words, or create lists to add to text as well. You also have the ability to swap out photos within galleries or single images using the “Change Photo” tool in the preview screen. The best part? You can do all this and more while viewing your most recent changes right on the preview screen. Make your desired changes to any editable content on the page and watch your site come to life through a live and interactive preview.

Read on below to learn more about the new and improved In-Line Editing feature on liveBooks8.

in-line editing

What is in-line editing?

liveBooks in-line editing feature allows users to edit content just as it will appear when published through the design portal. Simply select any item that is able to be edited and make changes in place. In-line editing makes editing and designing a cohesive site easy, as users tailor content and appearance to look exactly as envisioned, in one responsive design preview.

What can I change with inline editing?

In addition to editing text content, users are also able to customize typefaces, alter colors, add bullet points, and change text format and size. Easily create columns, edit container sizes, and add borders to pages to create a custom look on a site. Replace single images on a page and additionally switch out images within a gallery. With a powerful set of tools available, customization options are endless.

Easily swap out and customize images on your website.

Image swapping and customization is easy with in-line editing. 

If I don’t want to use In-Line Editing, how do I make content edits?

In addition to in-line editing options, users are also able to make changes to text on sites through our content editing page. Select the page you wish to edit and add, edit and format text, add and update images, add or remove blocks and more. Then, checkout the changes made to individual pages by navigating to the design page for a responsive preview.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.41.23 AM

Is there a new liveBooks feature that you are excited to learn more about? Let us know at


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