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The Fall season is upon us and it seems like the sweet scent of pumpkin spiced lattes and wood burning by the fire is in the air! Take a break from editing photos, holiday photo shoots and relax with our favorite tunes to kick off the Fall season.

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June is here and with it, comes the beginning of Summer! Our liveBooks team has picked the best Summer songs to jam to whether you’re at a beach shoot, snapping shots on your Summer trip or simply enjoying your days off. We hope you that there is something in our June Spotify playlist for you!

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May is upon us! Whether you’re heading to the beach to snap your perfect ocean shots or packing for your work trip to a tropical island, we hope that there is something on our May Spotify playlist for you!

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April is here! With it, comes the chance to begin new projects, start your website’s Spring cleaning and so much more. This is why this month’s playlist is dedicated to new and spring-filled music.

Whether you’re editing your photographs, cleaning up your liveBooks site or photographing beautiful spring flowers, we hope that there is something on our April playlist for you!

Is there a song that you have on repeat right now? Tell us which one at!

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