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With so much of our online activity being done from our mobile phones, there’s no surprise that one in two people will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website. We’ve stressed on the importance of having a mobile-responsive website in one of our articles, so if your website still behaves the same wherever you access it from, we’re here to give yet another incentive as to why you should switch: the footer.

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Over a year ago, Google announced it was rolling out a new mobile-first index where the algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a website’s content to rank its pages. Now, according to Search Engine Land, Google plans to move more sites to mobile-first index in the coming months.

What Does This Mean for Your Website?

Google wants its index and results to represent the majority of their users — who are mobile searchers. So, Google will now place value on mobile pages when indexing a site and determining its position on search results.

Once Google sets the change in motion, websites that do not have mobile-friendly designs will likely see significantly reduced search engine traffic.

liveBooks is Ready for Google’s Mobile-Index

Google developers haven’t set a specific date, but they expect to begin rolling out their mobile-first index this year. We are proud to say that all liveBooks websites are fully-responsive. Regardless of screen size, your website will adjust its width and features such as text and images to optimize its mobile visibility.

If you haven’t started using liveBooks yet, start your free trial and begin creating your beautiful, fully-responsive website today!

Additional Resources:

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