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October 9th, 2018

The easy way to keep your portfolios organized and up to date – Dynamic Image Selection

Posted by liveBooks

Every project brings forth new and creative ways in which professionals evolve; it’s a matter of overcoming obstacles and facing challenges. This creative evolution is obvious to the ones who live it, if not for the outcome, then surely from the set of skills acquired in the process. New skills mean a new perspective on future work and the ability to take on projects that were once cast to the side.

Yet a creative’s evolution is rarely seen by the mundane folk who stumble upon said professional’s online portfolio. Firstly because the transition from good to better is often a thin line, unseen to the untrained eye. Secondly, and most creatives will agree, their online portfolios are not updated as often as they should. This is an issue we address whenever we update our platform and every once in a while we add a new feature to enable an easy portfolio update.

Introducing the Dynamic Image Selection

Dynamic Image Selection is a feature available for all liveBooks websites. It’s a tool within your image gallery widget that you can enable or disable. Today we will focus on the many Pros that come when you turn it on.

To enable it you will first need to create a new Image Gallery widget in your Content Editor. Under your description field, you will see Dynamic Image Selection and a button on its right side. The default setting when creating a new image gallery is off. To turn it on simply click on it and it will turn blue.

You will notice your old gallery layout has been replaced by three new fields. As long as the Dynamic Image Selection is enabled you will no longer be able to see which of your images will be included in your gallery. Instead, you will now create a set of parameters that will allow an easier and smoother way to add images in all your portfolios.

How Dynamic Image Selection works

According to the parameters you define for each of your new image galleries, the software will automatically pull images from your Image Collection and add them to galleries they belong to. In other words, you won’t have to go to each Image Gallery widget and upload the images yourself – the software will do that for you. All you will need to do is Bulk upload them in your Image Collection and tag them accordingly.

Your parameters:

Sort – define in what order you want your images displayed. There are four choices you can opt from:

  1. Sort by Date: Newest to Oldest – your new images will appear first in your gallery and the old ones will be pushed back.
  2. Sort by Date: Oldest to Newest – your new images will appear after your already existent images.
  3. Sort by Name: A to Z – your images will be sorted in alphabetical order according to their Title.
  4. Sort by Name: Z to A – your images will be sorted in reversed alphabetical order.

Quantity – set the number of images you want to be displayed in your gallery.

Range – create a set of images that will be added to your gallery.

Filter by available tags – write down the tags of the images you want to be featured in your gallery. Only those which have been previously tagged will be added.

Note! The three fields are interdependent and they will act in perfect harmony with each other. So, for example, if your settings will look like this:

then your gallery will contain the latest 10 images uploaded which are tagged “portraits.”

Second note! If you enable Dynamic Image Selection without defining parameters for your gallery, then all images that are in your Image Collection will be added to the gallery.

If you have any further questions on how the Dynamic Image Selection feature, feel free to drop us a comment below or contact our super-friendly support team. They’ll be happy to assist with setting your parameters for you to get the most of this great feature.

All liveBooks featured are implemented for an easier and smoother experience for all clients and visitors of their websites. Don’t have a liveBooks website of your own? Sign up for a 14 days free trial today and gain access to all the tools you need to keep your website organized.

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