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What Jed Tomsula loves most about photography is the idea of capturing and recording a moment in time, a moment of reality.  He first picked up his parents Canon AE-1 around the age of twelve and began with taking photographs of family; Jed remembers looking at his grandparents through the lens of a camera and concentrating on the image.

“I wanted to record that exact moment in time and  permanently document that memory.  A passion was awakened,” Jed recalls. He is a photographer that loves to document and explore, as such his interest in street photography has remained a vital part of his portfolio. He loves roaming the streets with camera in hand. 

Four years ago he suffered a debilitating back injury resulting in a fusion in his lower spine. He says, “It was torturous not being able to shoot those first few months while I slowly worked on my recovery. I reside in the suburbs of San Francisco and I can remember at month three after my operation riding the subway to the busy city center at Powell and Market Streets and sitting on a fire hydrant (as my legs were still weak) and photographing passengers on the city’s busy bus network. I did this weekly for two months and gathered some terrific images of people going about their busy lives. It felt so good to be back out as an active participant in the world and creating!”  Jed is in the process of putting a book together of those images titled, “The Passengers.” 

Q&A with Jed Tomsula

Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

Jed: Real, vivid, decisive.

Q: How do you choose the photo’s you display on your homepage?

Jed: Good question, in years past I would often over think and over obsess as to what images to display on my homepage; now as i’ve matured and grown more confident in my work I simply go with my gut.

Q:  What is your favorite feature of liveBooks8?

My favorite feature of liveBooks8 is the ability to customize each individual page within my website and to preview any changes prior to publishing.

Q:  What’s one piece of advice you’d offer someone designing their website?

Jed: Take advantage of the “getting started” video tutorial and don’t be bashful about asking questions.  The staff at liveBooks is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to assisting it’s clients questions or concerns.

Check out Jed Tomsula’s website here:


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