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Jane Gottlieb has been expressing her joy of art with paint, shapes and colors since she was very young. She started as a painter, evolved into a photographer, and eventually began hand-painting on her Cibachrome prints over 35 years ago. Before Photoshop she found a way to express a new magical reality with the vivid, saturated and unrealistic colors she painted into each photographic print.

“My passion is to paint, collage and enhance them with Photoshop, creating my own idyllic wonderful uplifting world! I have had my website with liveBooks for many many years & have always been proud of my site & I am told over & over how people love my website!”

Right now Jane is having a 4 month exhibition entitles “Jane Gottlieb Photographs France” at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UCSB!

Q&A with Jane Gottlieb

Q1. How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

JB: Colorful, easy, engaging.

Q2:. How often do you typically update your website?

JB: Never enough…every 3-6 months!

Q3: How do you choose the photos that you display on your homepage?

JB: My favorite image at the moment!

Q4: What is your favorite new feature of liveBooks8?

JB:For me it’s the thumbnails running on the bottom…

Q5: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone designing their website

JB: Try to keep it simple…& utilize the great help offered by your friendly service people!!

Jane’s art has been shown worldwide in many solo exhibitions including:
Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio; Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA; Laguna Art Museum, CA; Petersen Automotive Museum, LA, CA;
LA County Natural History Museum, CA; Monterey Museum of Art, CA; Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC, NY; L’Image Gallery, Rome, Italy; Louis Stern Gallery, West Hollywood, CA; Wall Space, Santa Barbara, CA.

See more of Jane’s work here:


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