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April 19th, 2019

This two-item checklist will improve your search presence

Posted by liveBooks

Every business owner knows that in order for your clients to buy your product or service, they have to find you first. Thus, Location, location, location remains a valid must-have for all businesses alike, be they off or online.

So how do you make sure you’re found online, considering your website is one of the 2 billion live at this moment? There is a multitude of actions you can take to make sure your website ranks better than your competitors’ – proper SEO, marketing campaigns, and fast loading times are just a few steps you can take to send your website to the top of the charts.

One thing to consider is that your search presence is determined by crawling bots – software developed by search engine developers that read your website’s content and determine what it is about, if it’s a trusted source of information or if it’s simply spam.

These web crawlers can be helped by website owners to fully understand what the website is about. They go through all the written content, tags, and meta descriptions and generate their own context in which to place the website.

Set up your Business Type

One way to ensure the bots get an exact estimation of your website is to set up your business type. This will give create a clear context of your field of business and the crawlers will rank it accordingly.

To define the business type of your liveBooks site, go to Settings (gear icon) – ProfileBusiness Type. From the drop-down select the type that matches your business.

Define your type is the collaborative project created to define the best schema for online searches, by determining categories for each website. It’s backed by the four major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex) with the purpose of organizing websites by a predetermined standard. The vocabulary set by is used for search engines to provide the best results in online searches.

A type markup is available on all liveBooks websites and enabling it is paramount to improve online visibility. To set up your type, go to Settings (gear icon) – (located at the bottom of your page). Begin typing your field of work and choose the category that best represents your business. Publish the website when you’re done.

Note! The changes you’ve made won’t reflect in search results right away, but they will once the crawling bots have done another check on your website.

These two items are very important for your online presence, so make sure you log into your account today to set them up properly.

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