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With liveBooks, you have access to user-friendly tools that make it easy to manage image libraries and image blocks. liveBooks has released a number of performance enhancements, dynamic image capabilities, and opportunities for SEO improvement so that users can easily build and customize their website.

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October 30th, 2018

A friendly reminder: check your links!

Posted by liveBooks

Links are the core of the World Wide Web. Without links we would all be content creators and business owners scattered around the globe, stranded on our own separate islands – we know it, the bots that crawl your website know it, and, more importantly, your visitors know it.

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Posted in Photography

Photographers have the chance to meet with Midwest’s leading art buyers and creatives!

Boulevard Artists is a marketing company for photographers with an online platform, events around the US, and face to face meetings. Through two tiers of membership, BLVD and BLVDSelect, we build custom strategies with our roster to get their work in front of the best art buyers in the business and help them close the deal on the biggest assignments.

Boulevard Artists is gearing up for this year’s Chicago and Minneapolis portfolio reviews, an opportunity for commercial and editorial photographers to show their portfolios to some of the Midwest’s most influential art buyers, art directors, and creatives. At these intimate and elegant events, photographers meet with each reviewer for 20 minutes one-to-one and back-to-back. Each event lasts for two full days. Breakfast, lunch and happy hour drinks are provided–there’s plenty of time for the creatives and photographers to get to know each other.

Photographers will have their work seen by creatives from Havas, McDonald’s, Leo Burnett, La-Z-Boy and Crate & Barrel., among others.

Applications are open now for the events in Chicago (Sept 25th & 26th) and Minneapolis (October 2nd & 3rd)!

See the full reviewer list for Chicago.

See the full reviewer list for Minneapolis.

It’s an exclusively professional photography portfolio review, and the work is highly curated.

View application to join the review.

View costs and packages.


Contact: Joshua Herman,


Posted in Photography

Top Web Design Mistakes Photographers Should Avoid

If you are trying to grow a profitable photography business, chances are you already know how important a strong website is for long-term success. And while you may have a great eye for composing and editing beautiful images, you may not have the right level of expertise to know what does and doesn’t make a great website.

As you work on your new website’s design, be sure to avoid these common mistakes made by photographers on the web today.

Too Little Content

Even if you have some of the most stunning photographs and would prefer to let them do most of the selling for you online, it doesn’t mean you should rely too heavily on only letting them do the talking. Content is still a vitally important piece to your website’s user experience!

Not only do people who visit your website want to know what you offer, but they ideally want to have enough information to connect with you personally before even reaching out to you through your contact form. You’ll also reap the benefits of higher search engine rankings with a strategic content strategy as well.

Too Many Images

As the artist, you probably have a similar challenge to most other artists out there: you have a personal love for all of your work. Although that is completely understandable, it doesn’t mean every image you’ve ever taken deserves to be front-and-center on your website.

Whether you ask friends and family (or other experienced photographers) to help you, or you practice being a little more critical of your own work, it’s extremely beneficial to narrow down to the best of the best before putting them online.

Why? For a couple of great reasons. First, you should make sure that the work you publish online depicts your best and most relevant work that speaks to your brand and ideal clients. Secondly, too many images (especially with large file sizes that aren’t optimized) can slow down your site load speed, preventing users from enjoying your site while also harming your SEO.

Lack of Contact Information

You also want to make sure your contact information is easily accessible across your website. Far too many photographers make the mistake of linking to social media handles and a contact page, but forget to list a phone number or email address. Be sure that anyone who comes across your website and is interested in hiring you for your photography skills can actually contact you.

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