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I have always been a liveBooks fan since setting up my first professional site with them three years ago. Working with them to improve the strength of our project was a no-brainer. The site is clean, classy and professionally designed, and very is easy for visitors to use. It provides an incredible tool for us to show our visual credentials and share information as we develop funding for the project. The number of tools available for us to use present a number of interesting possibilities in making the site more usable and interesting as the project evolves. Once the project is complete, this same site becomes a great place to present our photo essays to the world in an equally classy, elegant manner and tell the stories of these incredible organizations.

Rick D’Elia, Photojournalist and Humanitarian

Pixels of Mercy is a team of photographers that will be creating a photo essay examining the important work of six grassroots development organizations working in central Uganda improving the quality of life for the rural and the urban poor through healthcare, education, clean water, orphan care and other basic needs. By blending the styles and storytelling perspectives of four photographers we’ll create a rich, dynamic narrative for print and electronic publication and, budget permitting, for exhibition. You can support their cause by visiting their website clicking on donate.

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The Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001 Collection, consist of 246 Giant Polaroids photographed by Joe McNally. These compelling, life-sized photos were shot during a three week period shortly after September 11, 2001, with additional images shot in 2002 on the garage-size, unique Giant Polaroid camera at Moby C Studio near Ground Zero in New York City. They represent a pictorial, emotional cross section of largely ordinary people who rose up to the challenges of that awful day, and did extraordinary things.

These pictures traveled to numerous cities, became a book, and proved to be a powerfully moving tribute to the collective heroism displayed on 9/11. This collection in its entirety has helped raise over two million dollars for the 9/11 relief effort. If you are interested in making a donation click here.



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August 5th, 2011

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop

Posted by liveBooks

Foundry Photojournalism Workshops was started five years ago with a simple mission in mind: to provide some of the best training in visual storytelling to those who normally cannot afford it, so they could then tell their own stories, of their own communities. It was never easy; from locating world class faculty who would volunteer their time, to working on a shoestring budget, through logistics problems from hell, we persevered, believing in our mission above all else: aiding in the formation of emerging photographers who are and will change the way we see the world.

Throughout it all, we have chosen to remain independent, without any major underwriter or corporate support. Our sponsors, all small core supporters of the photography industry, have changed each year, with the whims of the industry – with one exception. liveBooks has been there from day one, sharing our core beliefs and mission.

Since our first year in Mexico City, liveBooks has been with us. Supporting new and emerging photojournalists by providing both full tuition scholarships for students from divergent economies who struggle just to make ends meet, to awarding a multitude of websites to the best and brightest of local and regional students at the end of each years workshop, to interviewing and featuring new talent on their RESOLVE blog – liveBooks has been our core ally in helping make our mission come alive.

liveBooks has and continues to show unending support for emerging photographers and photojournalists by offering the best websites at the best possible prices combined with the best support. If their product wasn’t the best, over half of our own world renowned faculty of award-winning photojournalists wouldn’t be using liveBooks sites for their own personal and agency work.

Simply put, whether a new voice or an old hand, liveBooks websites do what exactly what a photography website should do – they WORK, hard, to beautifully showcase a shooters vision, to help in promotion, support, and developing a robust web presence, to helping in sales and back end archive security. All for one purpose – to get the images that can change the world out to the world. From stills to the newest multimedia projects, liveBooks websites can handle it. And after five years of continual support and belief in our mission – indeed, they have coupled their own mission with ours – we couldn’t think of a better partner for bringing the world important, powerful and compelling visual stories.

While we have grown and learned much along this journey, from Mexico City to India to Istanbul, Buenos Aires and now to Thailand in 2012, one thing has and will stay the same – liveBooks will be our partner, no matter how the technological landscape changes.

Eric Beecroft, Director, Photographer and liveBooks user Foundry Photojournalism Workshops

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop provides a community where getting into the field, producing real reportage, getting honest, real feedback, and making new friends and developing contacts are first and foremost. Through generous support of sponsors and photographers they have succeeded at creating a workshop the students and those from developing nations could afford. We at liveBooks are honored to work with Foundry year after year.

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The All Roads Photography Program recognizes and supports talented indigenous and minority-culture photographic storeytellers from around the world who are documenting their changing culture and community through photography. liveBooks supported this program by supplying websites to the winners and providing a presentation on best marketing practices by our CEO, Andy Patrick. Each year up to four photographers are awarded, and their photo essays are exhibited at the All Roads Film Festival and other cities around the world.

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