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LA based artist Alika Cooper draws inspiration from the tradition of American quilting and from the work of photographers like Helmut Newton and George Brassai to create collages using a variety of fabrics. Alika appropriates the photographic form (often sexualized female figures) to create layered compositions that question notions of sexuality, beauty, power, propriety, and morality.

To read the full post and see images from her studio click here.


LA based artist Sandeep Mukherjee’s work considers notions of space amorphously and generously – his current abstract paintings resemble landscapes, but spatially and pictorially play with perception to breakdown expectations. He strives to create a total experience with his work, one that brings forth multiple dimensions, and evokes a visual, spatial, and existential experience. Sandeep is also an Assistant Professor of Art at Pomona College in Claremont, Califormia.

To read the full post and see images from his studio click here.

Sandeep Mukherjee

Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna

Annie Costello Brown is an LA based jewelry and accessories designer who makes versatile and unique pieces with a great deal of artistry and craftsmanship. Her background in painting and sculpture and her interests in textile design, weaving, and ancient and indigenous arts very much inform her process and aesthetic.

To read the full post and see images from her studio click here.

Annie Costello Brown

Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna

Claude Collins-Stracensky is a Los Angeles based artist, who works with the fundamental aspects of the natural world, such as light, time, and energy. Embracing a range of mediums his practice often plays with perception and aims to expand his viewers’ visual experience and spatial awareness to create impressions that go beyond an everyday understanding of the world.

To read the full post and see more images from his studio click here.


Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna


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