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In The Make

Val Britton makes large collaged works on paper that draw on the language of maps. She began making this body of work as a way to connect with her father, a truck driver who drove eighteen-wheelers across the country; he died when she was a teenager. Based on road maps of the United States, routes her father often traveled, and an invented conglomeration, mutation, and fragmentation of those passageways, her works on paper are abstractions of loss and longing.

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Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna

San Francisco based artist Mark Baugh-Sasaki makes sculptural work that combines organic and manufactured materials that draw attention to the ever-evolving dynamic between natural and industrial systems. These composite pieces are a mediation on the complexity and nuances of hybridized landscapes, where the natural and man-made collide, merge, and metamorphosize one another. With his work he aims to make the viewer more aware of their environment and their connection to it.

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Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna

Posted in In The Make

Martin Machado is a San Francisco based artist whose medium of choice is painting. His work often explores themes related to labor, escapism, leisure, and personal narratives. Having labored over a decade in the maritime industry, his work is greatly influenced by seafaring culture and history.

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Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna

Fran Siegel is an LA based artist who works with lightweight materials such as paper and wire to create drawings and installations that explore ever-changing elements of space, light and atmosphere, and the impressions and insight they enable. Ephemeral shifts in light and perspective play an important role in extending the presence of the work beyond its material borders. She has also been teaching a contemporary approach to drawing at California State University at Long Beach since 2002.

To read the full post and see images from her studio click here.


Photo courtesy of Klea McKenna


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