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October 5th, 2018

There’s a new tool in your widget box: Dividers

Posted by liveBooks

We’re very happy to announce that your tool widget box is now one item richer: dividers are now available on all liveBooks websites! These little assets will help you better organize your stacked pages, and subsequently, they will make it easier for your visitors to go through your content.

A clean and organized website

We pointed out the benefits of using stacked pages for your website. Now we’ve added a new tool to lend a hand with building these pages – the dividers. They are widgets that can only be added inside a page. Here’s where you’ll find them:

Dividers are the answer to keep a stacked page organized. In your Content Editor, the dividers can work as a table of contents, especially when you add multiple widgets to a page. For your visitors, dividers will bring out the overall design of your website, while drawing attention to those elements you wish to showcase.

Use dividers as visual punctuation

In design, visual punctuation refers to those graphic elements that allow viewers to grasp your overall design without putting a strain on their eyes. It works similar to conventional punctuation, but it’s not defined by any set or standard. Instead, its form and placement are directly dependent on each brand’s visual setting. Visual punctuation can consist of white space, a sub-header of a certain color, icons or lines.

How to customize your dividers

All customization for your dividers is done from your Design Editor. There are two ways to go around it: you can use the same settings for all or edit them individually. We recommend visual consistency on your website, but there can be exceptions that break this rule and for this reason, we will cover both customization processes.

Sitewide customization

In your Design Editor go to Sitewide – Styles – Controls. Scroll down in the menu until you reach the Divider Lines and Dividers Labels tabs.



Choose from the five types of strokes the one that suits your website design, set their thickness and color. Then move down to the Labels category and pick one of the twelve styles your dividers will have.

Animated dividers

Add an extra spark of pep to your website – set an animation type for your dividers. The animations will trigger every time you load a page where you’ve added dividers. To customize the style of animation you will have to go to each divider and scroll down to the very last tab. There are 9 types to choose from, so pick the one that best fits your website design.

Dividers are a great way to keep your stacked pages organized, and they are very helpful for your visitors to grasp the overall aesthetic of your work and your website design without succumbing to visual fatigue. For these reasons alone we hope you’ll log into your Editor and start playing with these wonderful elements of design.

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