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June 12th, 2018

How to Save your Design in the liveBooks Editor

Posted by liveBooks

With liveBooks Design Editor, you can make edits to your website easily! With the back up design feature allows you to keep your changes saved and use as you please. Before we go deeper into the array of possibilities this enables, let’s go on a quick tour of these three little buttons that make design experimentation easy.

Go to your design editor. The buttons are located on the bottom of your website preview window.

1. Back up Design: This is your Save button. When you find a design that speaks to you, click that button, give your saved design a name and Save Backup. (Note: Saves do not overwrite. Saving your designs under the same name will result in multiple saves with the same name.)

2. View Backups: This is where you’ll find all your saved designs. Click on the one you want to use and the editor will load all the changes associated with that save.

3. Reset to Published: if all else fails and you are not satisfied with any of your design changes, there’s always the option of switching back to your published design. In order to have full control on your progress, our advice is to publish your website only when you’re completely happy with the outcome.

Best case scenario: You created a design that speaks to your needs and aesthetics. That’s great! All you need to do now is publish your website and start sharing your new look.

Worst case scenario: You’re stuck. Nothing looks like you imagined it would, the colors you chose are not you and wish you could go back to your previous design. There are two ways to go back: 1) Load a previous save of your backup design. 2) Choose to go back to the published version of your website.

There’s plenty room to play around on our design editor: from major layout changes, to different fonts and colors, gallery layouts, text alignment and padding are just a few of the many changes you can make. And while choosing a design and sticking to it is the best approach for a familiar feel that makes your returning visitors comfortable, there comes a time when you feel change is greatly needed for your online presence. It’s a time to experiment with the design editor to see the many features it provides.

We encourage clients to use this feature for marketing campaigns they wish to run on their website. A campaign’s visual appearance might differ from your overall design, depending on your strategy. In this scenario you can adjust all design settings to match those of your campaign. Once the promotional period is over, you can easily go back to your initial design, and the next time you wish to run the same, or similar, campaign, all you need to do is load your saved design and publish it.

Seasonal design is something you might like but weren’t entirely sure how to do without permanently changing your website design. A clean, colorful look with a grid type gallery is very appropriate for summer, while a full bleed home page image and a custom mistletoe background for your navigation bar brings the holiday spirit to everyone who visits your website. All these changes and reverting to your original design are possible on the liveBooks platform thanks to those three little buttons on the bottom of your design screen.

So, go on, take a moment to experiment! Make changes you’ve always wanted or changes you don’t think you need just for the fun of it. You might be surprised at the outcome, you’ll definitely be more confident on knowing how your website design can work for you and will surely give you new ideas of how to use design to grow your business. This playground opens with every new website you create.

Ready to check out the liveBooks editor? Sign up for a free 2-week trial today!

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