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March 2nd, 2017

Positioning your Videos with Text | Tuesday’s Tip

Posted by liveBooks

Tuesdays Tip

At liveBooks, we know that adding video blocks to your page is an important part of your website. We also know that adding text around those videos can help guide your audience and give them information about the content of your work. Whether its a short description of what the video contains or a simple line stating where the video took place, liveBooks8 offers you the ability to customize every part of your video gallery. Follow the tutorial below to start styling and designing the content around the video now!

  1. To place text content around your video, use the Title and Description fields in the block’s settings in the Content tool. Insert your content into the fields.

Tuesday Tip 1

2. From here, you are ready to design/style the look of the video on your page. Select Design this page on the top right-hand corner.

Tuesday Tip 2

3. You will see your blocks on the right-hand side. Select the Video block.

Tuesday Tip 3

4. You will immediately see layout options to position your text around the video. You can position the content how you would like (top/center/bottom) and also wrap the text around the video. Select the option you prefer.

Tuesday Tip 4

5. Select Save and Publish!

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