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August 2nd, 2016

In-Line Editing | Tuesday’s Tip

Posted by liveBooks

Tuesdays Tip

With the new liveBooks platform, it is easy to edit text and photo content while simultaneously working on your new custom design. Once logged into your liveBooks8 editor, navigate to Design and select the page that you wish to update. Not happy with your current text? With liveBooks8 In-Line Editing, change it up right from the preview screen. Add hyperlinks, bold or italicize words, or create lists to add to text as well. You also have the ability to swap out photos within galleries or single images using the “Change Photo” tool in the preview screen. The best part? You can do all this and more while viewing your most recent changes right on the preview screen. Make your desired changes to any editable content on the page and watch your site come to life through a live and interactive preview.

Read on below to learn more about the new and improved In-Line Editing feature on liveBooks8.

in-line editing

What is in-line editing?

liveBooks in-line editing feature allows users to edit content just as it will appear when published through the design portal. Simply select any item that is able to be edited and make changes in place. In-line editing makes editing and designing a cohesive site easy, as users tailor content and appearance to look exactly as envisioned, in one responsive design preview.

What can I change with inline editing?

In addition to editing text content, users are also able to customize typefaces, alter colors, add bullet points, and change text format and size. Easily create columns, edit container sizes, and add borders to pages to create a custom look on a site. Replace single images on a page and additionally switch out images within a gallery. With a powerful set of tools available, customization options are endless.

Easily swap out and customize images on your website.

Image swapping and customization is easy with in-line editing. 

If I don’t want to use In-Line Editing, how do I make content edits?

In addition to in-line editing options, users are also able to make changes to text on sites through our content editing page. Select the page you wish to edit and add, edit and format text, add and update images, add or remove blocks and more. Then, checkout the changes made to individual pages by navigating to the design page for a responsive preview.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.41.23 AM

Is there a new liveBooks feature that you are excited to learn more about? Let us know at

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