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April 13th, 2012

Viena’s Story: Living with Cerebellar Seizures

Posted by liveBooks

Viena Woodstone is a brave, beautiful, compassionate, gentle little girl who loves to play and dance. Unfortunately she has a life threatening illness.

The formal name for her condition is Cerebellar Seizures which means seizures originating from a lesion in her cerebellum which is also attached to her brain stem. It manifests as hundreds of localized seizures per day and is accompanied by a rapid and critical drop in oxygen. Viena’s condition is exceedingly rare. She is the first known case in Australia, and at last count, only the 12th case in the world. However at 18 months of age , when Viena received her formal diagnosis, she astounded her doctors by being ahead in all her developmental milestones.

Viena is going to undergo surgery on May 1st, 2012 at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Her surgery itself is free, however their family and friends are raising money to cover the significant expenses incurred during their six week stay in Melbourne. Expenses include travel, accommodations and extra child care. They believe subsequent surgeries are likely but won’t know for sure until after the surgery on May 1st.

Please visit Viena’s website and to learn more about her story and how you can donate.


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