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August 12th, 2010

Sexy Backs for Autism

Posted by liveBooks

For Sexy Backs for Autism Awareness, liveBooks is the perfect product. liveBooks provides our audience with a positive viewing experience, and is an easy and supportive environment for visitors to navigate.

‘Sexy Backs’ and its junior project ‘Baby Backs’ were developed to raise awareness of Autism after my youngest son was diagnosed in 2008. The images are our interest point, but the real difference is made when people see or hear the word Autism… For those who know what Autism is, they share, and for those who don’t know what Autism is, they ask. Our liveBooks website has been an incredibly important part of our awareness project, and we can quite honestly say that we would not have had our success without liveBooks. I know thats a big statement, but if you visit our website you won’t see a lot of words, but you will see real people turning their backs FOR autism, not turning their backs on autism… and thats the key… liveBooks allows you too see!

In the latest series of photographs, Sexy Backs uses organic images, so there is no retouching. liveBooks reproduces these images beautifully. We can’t thank the team enough for producing and sponsoring a product that allows us to just be us!

James Price, Photographer and Founder of Sexy Backs for Autism

Sexy Backs for Autism was started by Creative Portrait Photographer, James Price. James started to think about ways to raise awareness of Autism when his youngest child, Tyler, was diagnosed at the age of 4. James realized that Autism was not a condition that people liked to talk about or face up to and decided to highlight that by asking people to be photographed turning their back for Autism. The idea was born.He called the concept ‘Sexy Backs’ and set out to produce simple black and white portraits, showing naked backs, that are cheeky and fun. James focused on the the essence of something we all have.

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