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July 13th, 2010

Nowhere People: The face of statelessness

Posted by liveBooks

Having started the story Kenya’s Nubians: Then & Now in 2008, it wasn’t until I received a grant from the Open Society Institute before the project took on a life of its own. As I moved forward with my work and identified new audiences for the project, the development of a dedicated website specifically for the project became essential. I already had a preDesigned liveBooks site for my larger project Nowhere People, and was incredibly happy with the results I was getting from it, so there was no doubt in my mind that liveBooks would be a perfect fit. liveBooks generously donated the site to the project and as the project has developed, so has the need to expand the website. The developers at liveBooks have worked with me to customize components of the site as this project has grown. From a photo essay to international exhibitions, a multimedia feature and now into a book, Kenya’s Nubians has been an incredibly rewarding project to work on and develop. The liveBooks site has played a vital role in helping me expose the work and making sure it is accessible to a variety of important audiences.

Greg Constantine, Photojounalist

Nowhere People intends to give a small voice to people who for generation have had none. It aims to show the human toll the denial of citizenship has claimed on people and ethnic programs that find themselves excluded from society by forces beyond their control. More importantly, it hopes to provide tangible documentation of proof that millions of people hidden and forgotten all over the world actually exist. Photographer Greg Constantine began work on Nowhere People in 2005.

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