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March 5th, 2010

Photo News: World Press winner disqualified – CPOYi winning image sought by police – Best geeky camera swag ever – Seth Godin on photography

Posted by liveBooks

Ukraine-based photographer Stepan Rudik has been disqualified from the World Press Photo Contest for altering his image “beyond the boundary of what is acceptable practice,” i.e. removing a subject’s foot during retouching, the New York Times LENS blog reported on Wednesday. Several bloggers jumped on the story with their own takes, including PetaPixel, Julian Abram Wainwright, and David Campbell.

SF Weekly published a story on Monday drawing attention the fact that a San Francisco State photojournalism student who won a Shield Law case earlier in the year ensuring that police couldn’t force him to turn over photos for a homicide investigation won the College Photographer of the Year award this year for a portfolio including an image of the same incident. This turn of events highlights a tangled ethical grey zone for photographers and the police department says it is revisiting the case.

We’re unofficially naming this travel coffee mug from the Olympics the coolest photographer swag of the year. PDN alerted us to this instant collector’s item, handed out by Canon in Vancouver, and modeled on their 70-200mm L-series “white” lens. Then Thomas Lee, a good friend and talented photographer, asked the hard question: “Who’s gonna pay if I pour coffee into my real 70-200?”

We were tipped off to an enlightening interview with marketing master Seth Godin on DWF’s Wedding Photographer Blog by Leslie Burns Dell’Acqua on the Burns Auto Part Blog. Here’s a teaser: “I think the souvenirs of your art… the stuff you sell to make money… don’t have to be artistic. Souvenirs are things that people like to buy, and they are often a shadow of your work, not the work itself.”

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