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March 26th, 2010

Photo News: RIP Jim Marshall – Polaroid is back – CS5 sneak peak – First iPad interactive feature

Posted by liveBooks

We were sad to hear that legendary photographer Jim Marshall (who lived in San Francisco and we saw around town frequently) passed away on Tuesday. Jim was known for his intimate images of rock stars throughout the 60s and 70s, possible because of his close friendship with many of the artists.

The “Polaroid” instant films created by the Impossible Project went on sale this week in a “first flush” offering of batches of 1,000. After Polaroid announced it was closing U.S. factories two years ago, the Impossible Project was created to convince the company of demand for the film and they were allowed to begin production in Polaroid factories in the Netherlands earlier this year.

Adobe CS5 launches globally on April 12, but the internets are already abuzz since a sneak peak was released on YouTube on Wednesday that shows a new “content-aware” fill tool that seems to allow hours of difficult retouching to be achieved with a few mouse clicks.

Hype was also hot for a new interactive feature released by VIV Magazine for the iPad. It’s a little bit Sin City, a little bit Matrix, and kind of a weird topic, but it’s probably also a glimpse at what the future of publishing could look like.

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