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September 8th, 2009

Using new technology to preserve ancient cultures – Chris Rainier from Papua New Guinea

Posted by Chris Rainier

I’m happy to announce National Geographic Fellow Chris Rainier as a new regular contributor to RESOLVE. Chris is a renowned documentary photographer and has been part of the leadership team for important Nat Geo initiatives, including the All Roads Photography Program and the Enduring Voices Project. In his monthly video posts, Meetings with Remarkable People, Chris will take us with him as he travels around the world, giving us access to his thoughts and conversations with industry leaders, and exploring the ways that photography, culture, and technology are influencing one another and reshaping the media landscape. In this first post, Chris shares the ancient dances and rituals he documented on a recent trip to Papua New Guinea, as well as his thoughts about how technology is impacting indigenous cultures.

“Part of the project I’m working on here in New Guinea is documenting endangered languages and helping them revitalize that. So we bring them computers, we bring them video cameras, still cameras, audio recording systems. And we empower people, where invited, to do their own revitalization, to bring back their language, to maintain their language, and to maintain and revitalize their culture.

It doesn’t mean because a new technology comes along that it necessarily has to replace the old technology, the ancient technology, the ancient rituals.”

Be Part of the RESOLUTION: Do you think cultures can be “bilingual,” maintaining traditional practices while adopting advanced technology? Or do new technologies inevitably encroach on ancient ones?

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  1. March 9th, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Monday’s links | Travelgoing - travel

    […] with Chris Rainier. Chris is a National Geographic Fellow who has some great insights into using technology to preserve ancient cultures. The imagery is amazing and will have you wanting to jump a plane to PNG. Only a tad north of me […]

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