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August 14th, 2009

AFTER STAFF Resources – Fine Art Photography

Posted by liveBooks

Starting something new almost always means doing some research. We’ve tried to make the job a little easier by pulling together several resources, including books, blogs, and RESOLVE contributors. This list is obviously not exhaustive, so we welcome your additions in the comments and will add them as they come up. Click here for a list of all other “After Staff” posts.

“Their day job as a journalist does not take away from the fact that they see the world and craft images in a way that creates a response from curators and collectors. It doesn’t matter how you get there—if you have an artist’s eye, they’ll collect you.” – Frank Evers, co-chair and co-founder of the New York Photo Festival 2009, and formerly the Managing Director of the VII Photo Agency

The fine-art marketplace

  • Is it art? – Photojournalism has emerged as the art du jour
  • The business of art – Art-Support’s comprehensive articles offer tips, pointers, and ideas for making fine art your business

Writing artist statements

Selling your prints

  • The business of selling – Photographer Dan Heller outlines sales strategy and targets the buyer’s perspective
  • Limiting your editions – PDN’s guide to fine art prints and the practice of limiting editions, downloadable PDF

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