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August 11th, 2009

AFTER STAFF Resources – Commercial + editorial assignments

Posted by liveBooks

Starting something new almost always means doing some research. We’ve tried to make the job a little easier by pulling together several resources, including books, blogs, and RESOLVE contributors. This list is obviously not exhaustive, so we welcome your additions in the comments and will add them as they come up. Click here for a list of all other “After Staff” posts.

The deal with reps

  • A Photo Editor – Rob provides lots of insights into the industry, including agency lists like this and this, as well as informative interviews like this one with L.A. rep Deborah Schwartz
  • A Visual Society – A no-nonsense post with lots of tips for getting a rep – the first one is, decide if you actually need one
  • Nick Onken – Nick shares the process he himself went through to find a rep
  • AdBase – AdBase also has lots of industry insights on their blog, in particular “How to Decide if You Need a Rep”
  • Advertising Photography: A straightforward guide a complex industry – An informative book by RESOLVE contributor Lou Lesko — the title says it all
  • RESOLVE – Jasmine DeFoore at Redux Pictures wrote an informative series of posts answering common questions about reps, mostly on the editorial side

Boosting creativity

  • Ivan Makarov – I almost “borrowed” a few links from this “Links to Boost Your Creativity” post, but then decided they are all pretty good and I should just give Ivan his due
  • Creativity Tools – This is a fun list of online tools that help spark creativity

Tools for (new) leaders

  • Fast Company – Despite the fact it’s about a huge corporation, the tips in this “How To Lead Now” story would work equally well for, say, a photo crew
  • Leadership is Creative – A great piece from Harvard Business that asserts, “It’s not that creative work gets set aside in order to lead an organization, leading is the creative work”
  • Managing Creative People – This book’s title could refer to a freelance assistant, a business associate, or (just as important) yourself

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