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July 3rd, 2009

Photo News: Fake photojournalism – Inside the Photog’s Studio – Free photo lectures – Flickr2Twitter beta

Posted by Melissa Dubasik

  • French art students Guillaume Chauvin and Rémi Huber won a photo contest organized by weekly magazine Paris Match and then revealed at the award ceremony that they’d staged the photos. Not surprisingly, there’s been some heated discussion going on, including at Lightstalkers. Full report at The Independent.
  • Andrew Hetherington a.k.a. What’s the Jackanory? posted a brilliant video this week, “Inside the Photographer’s Studio” with Philip Toledano, including a sneak peek at the witty British photographer’s latest project.
  • Flickr rolled out the beta Flickr2Twitter this week, a new option to easily tweet photos. You can now create a short link back to a photo on Flickr via the “upload to email” function.

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