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May 29th, 2009

Photo News: New Yorker’s iPhone cover – Polaroid revival – Stephen Mayes’ slams photojournalists – Five tech trends to watch

Posted by Melissa Dubasik

  • Chase Jarvis is pretty much the ultimate iPhone advocate, updating his Twitter/FB feed with new iPhotos several times a day. No surprise, then, that he alerted us to the latest cover of the New Yorker: an iPhone “painting” by Portugal-born artist Jorge Colombo. Colombo used the Brushes iPhone application to create an impressionistic image of Times Square.
  • Speaking of technology, the ASMP blog has a post on the five tech trends to watch, including multimedia, the mobile web, immersive websites, computer generated imaging, and augmented reality. If you don’t know what those are, time to get on the cutting edge.
  • The New York Times reported that a group of scientists in Europe gathered in a small town in the Netherlands to try to reinvent Polaroid film, which stopped production last year. They took over an abandoned old Polaroid factory and are attempting to reinvent the chemicals needed for the instant film processing. According to the Times, Florian Kaps, the Austrian entrepreneur behind the project, hopes to start manufacturing and distributing the film worldwide later this year.
  • Earlier this month, Stephen Mayes gave a key-note speech at a World Press Photo event in Amsterdam. Essentially, he criticized the lack of variety both in terms of subject matter and style of visual language in photojournalism. Whether you agree with Mayes’ argument or not, we think his speech is worth a look.

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