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February 11th, 2009

Going from weekend wedding shooter to full-time pro 2

Posted by SAS Becker

In “Going from weekend wedding shooter…1,” SAS explains how she found her passion for wedding photography. Check back for “3”: What is the biggest mindset change that needs to happen to make a successful transition from part-time to full-time wedding photographer?
A wedding image by Sas Becker. ©Sas Becker

A wedding image by SAS Becker. ©SAS Becker

Q. How can you assess when is the right time to make the transition from part-time to full-time wedding photography?

A. It is extremely important that you be ready to deliver a professional product when you make the switch from weekend shooter to pro. You really are only as good as your last job. You have time to bone up on the business end of things, but your images are your reputation. Go out on as many jobs as possible as a second photographer. Then you’ll have time to learn but not the pressure of being a lead. Your knowledge of your equipment should be second-hand. Practice at home in every conceivable lighting condition until you feel comfortable with any challenges that may arise. Look at the other work in the marketplace and ask yourself if yours measures up. Then, if you feel confident with your skill and vision, go for it!

Be Part of the RESOLUTION: Have you made a recent transition to full-time wedding photography, or to full-time photography of any kind? Maybe you’ve recently stopped assisting and are only shooting your own work now? How did you decide it was time to make a change?


  1. February 23rd, 2009 at 5:46 pm


    More then confidence (which is found at all levels of skill) understanding billing, taxes and waiting until you have at least six months (or whatever you feel a good cushy net to jump from) of bookings would be even better advice… it’s easy to have a camera, to second shoot and to have a collection of images but it’s a business and practice bride interviews to billing is something to perhaps practice while you have a day job is the most realistic advice I’ve ever gotten. And it helps make the transition a lot less stressful (though much busier!)

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