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September 4th, 2017

Featured Website of the Week – Timmi Wolff

Posted by liveBooks

WoW Header (2)

Timmi Wolff is a representative both for photographers and directors. She has worked with agencies, design firms, private companies, non-profits and divisions of the U.S. government for 25 years. Her production and project management firm provides creative individuals with “full photo + video production services, budget estimates/reconciliation, source & negotiate crew/stylists/models/locations, contracts/licensing, and photo retouching/composite” services. To learn more, visit her liveBooks8 website now:

I am a photo + motion rep and producer who has been in business for 27 years. I graduated college with  a still photography degree and went to work in various studios in the Baltimore area before deciding to start my own artist representation company. I was determined and excited at the opportunity to be an emerging resource and link between agency and photography creatives and that seemed like the perfect path for a career. Starting my own business allowed me to balance family and work life on my own terms with return in both areas to be super fulfilling.

Timmi Wolff 1

Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your website in three words?

TW: HMM – that is tough – Simple, Clean or Minimal, Bright or Dynamic, Graceful?

I would say that because of the aesthetics though, the viewer is able to see our ideas, Experience and a Buffet of imagery?

Or I could position it is a Ringleader (me), Performers (the artists), and Applause (our clients)!

Timmi Wolff 5

Timmi Wolff 6

Images above property of Peter Howard

Q: How often do you typically update your website?

TW: 6 times a year or more if we have more to share.

Timmi Wolff 4

Images above owned by Dean Alexander

Images above owned by Dean Alexander

Q: How do you choose the photos that you display on your homepage?

TW: There is always a balance of image count to serve fairly all the artist’s works. My Homepage site design displays most efficiently with vertical format of powerful storytelling imagery.

Timmi Wolff 8

Image above owned by Steven Biver

Images above owned by Steven Biver

Q: What is your favorite new feature of liveBooks8?

TW: The online image gallery allows for super simple ability to add a lot of photos all at once.

Image by Dean Alexander

Image by Dean Alexander

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone designing their website?

TW: Know your audience.

Image above property of Steven Biver

Image above property of Steven Biver

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