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June 20th, 2017

Adding a blog to your website | Tuesday’s Tip

Posted by liveBooks

Tuesdays Tip

A blog page is a great way to create content and keep your visitors engaged.  When clients visit your website, they want to know your story and learn more about your work. Blogs allow you to do just this! Creating new entries can showcase your work while giving a brief story. In addition,they help establish yourself to your audience as someone who has authority in your line of work as well as create opportunities by bringing in additional traffic to your website.

Whether you choose to create a blog for your personal enjoyment or to enhance your professional rapport (or both), liveBooks is happy to help get you started on your blog!

Setting up your blog

  1. Select Content from the Navigation Bar
  2. Select Add New Pages

Tuesday Tip 1

3. Select Blog and then select Add

Tuesday Tip 2

 Adding a new blog post

  1. Select Content from the navigation bar
  2. Select your Blog page and scroll down to the Posts block
  3. Select Add new post

Tuesday Tip 3

4. You can enter a Title, Date, Author. Create your blog post in Description and add any related images.

You can also add many type of additional content blocks, such as a Video, Image Gallery, and Contact Information.

Limiting posts per page

  1. Select Content
  2. Select the Blog page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the posts block and click on the field labeled Posts per page
  4. Select the number of posts that you would like to appear before the user has to click into the next page.

Tuesday Tip 4

NOTE: If you are looking for another blog option, liveBooks offers a custom-designed blog that mimics the look and feel of your site based on a version of the WordPress platform. If you are interested, please contact the support team for more information at!


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