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December 10th, 2015

Behind the Lens With Matt Brown

Posted by liveBooks

Angels Team Photographer and liveBooks Ambassador Matt Brown takes us behind the lens to describe the technical aspects and innovative considerations that went into the creation of the top 10 photos he captures during the 2015 season.

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 50 mm F/1.4 shutter speed 1/8000

“I always wanted to make a photo of Mike [Trout] taking the field smiling. It shows just how much he loves the game. Shooting it at F/1.4 adds to images and brings the focus more to Mike.” 8/2/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 600mm F/4 shutter speed 1/2000

“I loved that Albert took over the situation and stood up for Mike after the brush up with Kansas City.” 4/12/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 16mm F/4 shutter speed 1/250

“The Angels visit CHOC Children’s Hospital during the season. During this particular visit, Mike jumped into the red wagon. At times Mike forgets his size and that he’s not a little boy anymore.” 8/20/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4 16mm F/3.5 shutter speed 1/800

“I love the fact that Collin Cowgill  never moved or looked at me as teammate Erick Aybar cleans his game glasses on his jersey. Being able to shoot from the dugout before the game brings a whole new level of access to the players.” 4/12/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 600mm F/4 shutter speed 1/2000

“No player likes being called out on strike three. So when it happened to David Freese I captured this nice moment when he talked to the umpire about it. I like the way he’s holding his bat and being calm during the conversation.” 4/25/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4 35mm F/4.5 shutter speed 1/640

“During batting practice, Albert hits in the group that takes the cages during the visitors’ warmup. So when he and Miguel Cabrera started talking about hitting I knew I wanted to capture the two of them together. Two of the best players to play baseball is always a good catch.” 5/28/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 400mm F/4 shutter speed 1/2000

“I love the loneliness of this photo. Clean walls and dark shadows. I know everyone has seen the shot of Mike climbing the wall to make the catch against Seattle. It’s great, but I like this type of image more because it won the game for us in Oakland. It’s all Mike, no ads, no TV cameras in the background. Just Mike doing what he does best.” 4/30/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 240mm F/4 shutter speed 1/400

“The veteran David Freese shares a cute moment with rookie Taylor Featherston before taking the field. Being the rookie can be tough on a baseball team.” 5/27/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 24mm F/5.6 shutter speed 1/800

“Angels bench coach Dino Ebel is always getting picked on by Albert and Erick. It happens more on the road. I captured poor Dino being swung in the air during batting practice in Oakland.” 4/28/15

Matt Brown

Camera Information: Nikon D4s 70mm F/2.8 shutter speed 1/2500

“Over the last couple of years, the players have become very good at nailing their teammates during post-game interviews. In this photo, Hector Santiago sneaked up on Kole Calhoun and blasted him with a head shot of Bodyarmor. I love the spray and form created in the image.” 7/28/15

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