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October 25th, 2012

An Intro to Social Media for Photographers

Posted by Sam Eriksmoen

If you are like many photographers, you understand the need to leverage social media in your marketing mix, but maybe you’re uncertain of where to begin.  Are your “tweets”, “pins”, or “posts” actually driving page views and business transactions?  If so liveBooks has good news for you. In addition to empowering you with the ability to present your work in a professional manner, we also know social media for photographers.

Beginning next Thursday and continuing throughout November, we will deliver a series of posts that detail how you can engage your audience through social media channels, and in the process build brand recognition, loyalty and trust in a way that drives quality, meaningful traffic back to your site.

Sound good? Okay! Here’s what we have in store:

Week 1 – “Social Media for Photographers: Where to Begin?”

This week we will focus on the two most popular Social Media platforms; Facebook and Twitter and why they are important to your web presence as a photographer.  You will learn the different uses for Facebook and Twitter, as well as some improvements you can make today with what you already have.  We will conclude with a discussion of how to fit social media into even the tightest of schedules.  This post will serve as a launchpad for our week two discussion of defining achievable goals for your social media strategy.

Week 2 – “Defining the Photographer’s Social Media Strategy”

The first step in any effective social media strategy is understanding what your needs are and defining what goals you want to achieve for your photography business through social media.  The next logical step is to define who your target audience is.  We will take you through this process and get you on your way to delivering relevant content that your audience actively engages with.

Week 3 – “Executing Your Social Media Strategy”

Now that you have your social media strategy defined, it’s time to ignite your social media wildfire.  We will help you understand how to pace your content, react to your community’s feedback, and understand what the appropriate level of engagement and energy is that you can consistently give to Social Media.  Even if you’re a professional photographer who can only devote 15 minutes a day, we can help you understand how to best manage your time and resources.  By the end of this post you should feel comfortable executing your defined social media strategy to meet your social media goals.

Week 4 – “Social Media Measurement Strategies”

There are many different ways to measure your social media impact.  We will begin by showing you how to track and understand basic social media data.  Based on the goals you set forth in week one we will help you make meaning out of this measured information and determine ways that you can refine your strategy.  To reach your goals faster and with a larger impact, you will learn which metrics are most relevant to your photography goals.

Week 5 – “Using Instagram To Promote Your Photography Business”

In week five we will discuss the value of introducing Instagram into your social media mix.  We will cover the ins and outs of how photographers can use Instagram to increase their business.  You will learn about mobile technologies and how Instagram may be your link to a larger photography audience.  Our conversation will conclude with a discussion of 5 simple ways you can effectively introduce Instagram into your social media mix.

liveBooks would love to hear your ideas, questions and comments so post a tweet to @livebooks. And while you’re on the social media forefront, “Like” us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. For more information on how you can use social media channels, and in the process build brand recognition, loyalty and trust, click here or call: (888)458-3678.


  1. December 21st, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Dallas Photographer Les Wollam

    i hope i can make sense of this all. i’m in my 60′s now, and it feels like the social media revolution has passed my. so i open my facebook account and start posting pix. same with a twitter account. but who is going to see them and follow me? i just dont know or understand how it works.

    -i’ll keep reading, hoping i get a feel for it. and of course, looking at other people’s sites to see what is going on.

    thanks for posting all this info

    Dallas Photographer Les Wollam

  2. January 8th, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Sam Eriksmoen

    Hi Les,

    Thanks for the note. Social media can be intimidating when you are first starting out. I can definitely relate to your question of “Who’s going to see my work and how do I get followers.” When you are starting it’s important to adopt an approach of “less is more”. Instead of focusing on how much content you are producing, focus more on how aligned the content you post is with the ethos of your work. Once you have some great content on your facebook/twitter page, start browsing for other great photographers and “like” or comment on their work. The social element of social media often gets overlooked. Also, word of mouth is still invaluable and people will start following you if you ask them to. They’ll be delighted to see your facebook page is aligned with the great work you do. Thanks for following the series, I hope that you find it helpful moving forward!

    All the best,
    Sam Eriksmoen

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